Star Performers Super Star Dildo Waterproof 17 Inch Black

Star Performers Super Star Dildo Waterproof 17 Inch Black

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Price :$94.49 $62.99

  • Product Sku: TS1101005
  • Manufacturer: Topco Sales
  • Availability: Available Now
  • Release Date: December 16, 2011


Enormous 17" (43 cm) dong with 13.25 insertable inches (33.6 cm) and a huge 2.9" (7.3 cm) girth. Realistic tip, balls and firm shaft. Harness compatible suction cup base. Waterproof and Made in USA.

Ships Everywhere.

Product Reviews

love this (:

I'm so happy with it thanks

Anonymous - August 26 2018


wow, who in the world can take 17 inches, have to keep looking.

Anonymous - May 16 2018

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Anonymous - February 3 2018

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Anonymous - January 30 2018

Dope makes me a buttslut!!

Saw the review about crystal meth!


ill smoke a bowl or three and then spend 6 hours jacking off and fisting my ass. Recording video and taking tons of pics, of course. Meth makes my ass horny as hell, ill shove 2 pool 🎱 🎱 balls inside myself and leave them there all day. My hands are big, so ive only gotten past my knuckles a few times, but when i do, ill do a fat line and punch my hole wide open while the shits still burning my nose. It makes me sore for days, i fuckin love it.

This toy is good.
So is meth.
Meth makes this toy better.

Anonymous - October 13 2017

Awesome Feel

My wife and I added this toy to our collection. We have the black version and she absolutely loves it. We stick it to our mirrored doors and I'll eat her out while she rides the thing. She never fails to have 3-4 shattering orgasms. She's only been able to get 7-8 inches of it in her ass. She loves blowing me while she's impaled on this monster. I'd highly recommend adding this to your collection if you don't already have it. It will spice up your sex life like nothing you've felt before!

Anonymous - July 10 2016

This bad boy is HUGE...

The description doesn't do it justice. But are accurate about the size. My ass is well broke in having other toys of comparable size but, this is a new challenge to play with, meaning it get wider the more you insert it !! Till you get to the ring sweet spot its really feels fantastic. Vanes are a extra plus and you can really feel them. I actually made it to the ring level the first fuck but couldn't get past it, will have to give myself time to adjust to size. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Anonymous - May 11 2016

Big but not as big as the reviews made it sound

When I read all the reviews I had to have it, I ordered it and got it today, I was sooo excited with the anticipation, saw it and... meh! Not as big as I thought, it's just a little bigger than my husband's I tried it, had a fun time playing with it, I jammed all of it inside my cunt and it tells me it wants a bigger one... so I will order a bigger one. On the plus side it feels real soft but firm and it's odorless.

Anonymous - May 5 2016


Massive isn't the word takes a little time to get used to but getting there now would highly recommend

Anonymous - April 18 2016

Brilliant price and service from hiddenlust discrete packing good product thanks

Anonymous - April 18 2016

This is the place for best PRICES

only shop wickedmister

Anonymous - March 31 2016


Im pretty sure i touched my uterus with this thing its so long!

Anonymous - February 18 2016


All the rumors are true: Bigger than you think. Fills you up good, be prepared for it...

Anonymous - January 8 2016

worth every penny

I adore this new dong

Anonymous - September 20 2015

Huge but not veiny

This monster is gigantic. It took me weeks to just get the head in. And it requires a lot of build up and lube to use. I've worked it in up to 7 inches so far. But the thing is literally as fat as a soda can. It feels great though. Once I get going I can't stop. I have thunderous orgasms. After I have it out for 10 minutes and think I'm done. I jump on it again. The only knock is I wish it was more veiny

Anonymous - August 12 2015

I love this big cock in my ass!

I did 4 lines of some good coke and the smoked a big hit of some crack and put this big boy up my ass while watching some good anal porn. Cassandra cruz loves anal and I loves this toy in my ass while smoking crack!
Orgasms are sooo Doggy style!

Anonymous - July 23 2015

great in the shower

it holds great on the shower wall and just back up on it and my showers now last 30 minutes

Anonymous - July 14 2015

I read the description when ordered

When it arrived my jaw hit the floor, I know it said BIG in the description and wow is it ever big! I use it for practice deep throating, well i got like 5 inches so far and of course it fills my cunt like you cant believe

Anonymous - June 3 2015

im hooked

its big, its black and it fills me, my 5th toy from and im very satisfied

Louise - May 31 2015

A monstor

This is for those looking for adventure, It's big, It's fun and my new best friend

Anonymous - May 20 2015

Holy Moly

After about a month my wife can take the whole shaft and she had her first squirt last week... I wonder what can I get next???

Anonymous - February 13 2015

Almost perfect

After reading the reviews on this huge, black dildo i have to be a complete idiot not to buy it. Agree with every review but for it missing awesome vibes to add to the sensation.

Anonymous - February 12 2015


I love getting ass fucked , it's my favorite thing to do in life.i have been fucking huge dildos for years now especially this one . I can now slide down all the way to the balls and then move up and down real fast . I really get off good with this huge cock. I don't even need a warm up ,I just slide it in , God I love getting fucked by giant cocks!!!!!!

Anonymous - November 22 2014



Anonymous - November 19 2014

scene stealer

to big for me 1.5" would be good

Anonymous - November 14 2014

She loved it

I surprised my wife with this, her eyes almost popped out of her head when she unwrapped it. It was her first big girl toy. She exclaimed, "It will never fit" and as I put lube on it for her, and she squatted over it to slide down on it, well, she came the first time just pushing it in. Yes, she could take it, and yes, she grew to love it. She still loves it, as a starter for her little bit bigger ones ;)

Anonymous - October 14 2014


Hi i am bigcock. I have been fucking this dildo for almost a year now. I have probably 30 giant dildos and still buying them.This dildo is one of my favorite ones. Two reasons ,one it is very long 13.25 insertable inches and two it is thick 2.90 inches of giant cock. When you take this giant cock in the only thing i think of is to go all the way down on it. It is so smooth with little ripples on the skin and very slick when lubed properly. I love to be ass fucked every morning. When i wake up my ass lips start throbbing telling me to give it some giant cock so of course i do. I am a straight white good looking male. I like beautiful women and every one that i have met loves to fuck me. Women love to fuck their men ,they get off on it!!! So do i, thats how i got started with a woman licking around my asshole ,the inserting fingers and then small vibrators inside me ,it just escalated from there. It feel so good to be stretched ,it makes me cum a ocean!!!!

Anonymous - March 21 2014


O My!!! i finally did it!!! i took this huge cock all the way down to the balls!!! I am so proud of my self, i have mastered 13.25" long of this huge cock inside me!!!! I fuck this cock every morning to get my fill. I have been fucking it just about every day now for 8 months now.I do not know if they make a longer and thicker huge dildo than this one. If they do i am going to have to get it. I just love how this 3"thick huge cock fills my pussy ass up. it is so long and thick that it will fill any one that loves huge dildos up , i promise!!! Buy this thick huge cock and you will not be dissapointed!!!

Anonymous - February 10 2014

thick veins

when its inside you the veins are so thick you can feel every one of them when you fuck it slow, then when you speed up ,hours later you can still feel the sensation inside you!!!!! makes me cum very quick, also if you turn it upside down the veins will stimulate your prostate making you blow quick!!!!

Anonymous - November 20 2013


I love this cock. I have the light colored one.Every time i screw this huge cock i try to take the whole cock down to the balls. So far i have took in 11 thick inches. The suction cup works real well . I like to set mine up on a bench and stick the dildo to a piece of tile and then stand on a couple of phone books on my tippy toes to insert it ,then slide the books out the way and the dildo will slide it about half way inside me.OMFG it feels so good with that 3" THICK COCK inside my ass. After its been in for a few minutes i start working the dildo faster and faster inside me ,then i start jumping up and down long stroking the dildo getting as much thick cock inside as i can. I LOVE TO FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF THIS HUGE DILDO!!!!!

Anonymous - October 28 2013

one awesome ass fuck

Wish I could give this star performer a higher rating. This cock is perfect. Big, thick, heavyweight with a great suction cup. As much as I push and bounce on this big boy I just can't reach the elusive ring near the base. Oh how good it feels trying though. I get pretty fucking crazy on this thing, usually end up cumming sooner than I want. It wasn't until my wife harnessed this beast
that I had the amazing feeling of that naughty ring penetrate my ass. OH WOW! I felt so full with the entire fucking size of it deep in my ass. She pounded me so hard I shot cum across the bed. As she barried it to the balls and held it in there, I swear this cock is so strong I think she could've picked me up with it lol. Love this thing. Anyone that like ass fuckings must have this's the best one in my collection.

Anonymous - September 29 2013

ass fucking addicting!

WOW! This fucking dildo is so addicting. At first it was intimidating, the size and all. The first couple ass fucks with this dong were solo. Had to make sure how much of this stiff long dick I could get in my ass before the wife got ahold of it, and me : ). Thank god I did. When she saw it she lit up like a kid in a candy store. Once she got the head of this monster in my ass it was on. She started with 4 or 5 inches with each thrust. Then a little more and a little more. Before I knew it, I could feel the balls banging against my ass. She was thrusting hard with all 13+", yelling at me to cum. Pretty sure I had started cumming when she barried the full length of this beast in my ass and I felt the balls crashing into my ass cheecks. I fuck this thing several times a week. Either solo or letting the wife crash fuck my ass. Not sure who enjoys it more me or her : ). I'm addicted. Love it! I highly recommend this dong for those who like huge cocks in their asses. WOW! BUY IT!!

Anonymous - September 29 2013

giant cock

huge thick cock sticks real good to the tub,i ride this monster every 2 to 3 days for hours ,i cant seem to get enough of it,i can get 11 inches deep in my ass hope to one day bury all of it,its so long 13.25 inches insertable it a challenge to girl likes to put me on all fours at the edge of the bed and fuck the shit out of me deep stroking it reaming my huge hole out until i say stop,which that isnt for a couple of hours,the next day i can barely walk straight and sore as the best hard fuck ive ever had . buy it

Anonymous - August 17 2013


this is one huge fucking cock.the first time i tried to screw this monster i stuck it to the ledge of the tub and squatted down on it and Oooooweeee it feels so good to have that much cock inside your ass,i couldnt ride it very long the first time but after a week of attacking this huge cock i can ride it for a hour reaming my ass out real good,if you love huge cocks then this is a must!

Anonymous - August 16 2013

nice cock

not too big, sticks pretty good to the shower, its good and pointed so its easy to itsert without using your hands. if you torn it upside down you will feel those thick veins inside your ass real good!

Anonymous - August 16 2013

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